Alameda County Uses Stripped-Down Message to Promote Medi-Cal Enrollment w/ Nude Ads

Alameda County is looking to grab the attention of local residents by rolling out an ad campaign that uses a stripped-down message. That is to say the county is urging people to enroll in Medi-Cal by featuring scantily clad families holding signs that state: “Cover Your Family." Describing the ad strategy, Lori A. Cox, director of the Alameda County Social Services Agency, stated, “Our message is that you wouldn't let your family go without clothes -- why let them go without health coverage.”

Much like other counties, Alameda wants eligible Californians to sign up for Medi-Cal and in just Alameda County alone it is estimated that 15,000 children are not enrolled despite their eligibility for coverage. The ad campaign aims to increase awareness about changes in healthcare under the federal Affordable Care Act. The photos will be featured on billboards, buses and transit shelters.

The LA Times notes that “Gov. Jerry Brown earmarked $350 million in his proposed budget this month to help enroll more Californians in Medi-Cal. Under the proposal, enrollment rules would be simplified to cover residents who are currently eligible but not enrolled. Those costs would be split evenly between state and federal governments.”

You can check out a photo from Alameda County’s ad campaign here:

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