Sacramento County Emergency Agency Awarded for Cybersecurity Leadership and Innovation

Sacramento County’s Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center (SRFECC) has received a Cybersecurity Leadership and Innovation Award from the Center for Digital Government (CDG). According to the SRFECC, the agency has made great strides in improving its email security with a limited budget.

“One of the things we liked about them is that they took a real comprehensive, team approach to their security implementation,” said CDG Executive Director Todd Sander. “They included a lot of participants in their planning and worked with a variety of staff. They included their vendor partners, and they really brought a team-based focus to their approach to cybersecurity.”

SRFECC Chie Executive Director Teresa Murray praised her team, saying the agency had “undergone a complete change” and that the award was a product of excellent teamwork and creativity.

SRFECC oversees more than eight fire departments, spread out over 1,000 miles. The agency received the award on October 2 during the third annual Cybersecurity Leadership and Innovation Awards at the Focus 13 Security Conference in Las Vegas.

Read more about the Cybersecurity Leadership and Innovation Awards here.

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