Despite Drought, San Mateo County Sees Increase in Crop Production

California’s drought continues on across California, making a huge dent in the Central Valley’s agricultural production in a majority of regions. However, San Mateo County’s agricultural output has actually managed to see a slight bump despite the harsh conditions and lack of rainfall.

San Mateo’s 2013 Agricultural Crop Report shows a 2.2 percent increase in overall production for the county, which has an overall gross value of around $143 million. The prosperity of particular crops such as vegetables and legumes allowed the county to see a production increase despite harsh climate conditions. 

Fava bean and Brussels sprouts were so prosperous last year, they were able to offset losses in grain, livestock, flowers, plants, and nursery stock for the county. Fava beans alone were a huge boon for the county, with production tripling in San Mateo, and grossing approximately $2.1 million.

San Mateo County Agricultural Commissioner Fred Crowder said that despite the slight increase seen in the bean and legume sector of the county, they still are attempting to recover from the recession. 

Though farmers markets are a way for farmers who have been hit by the recession and drought to make extra money, county officials are concerned that the proliferation of smaller markets across the state means producers will often have to visit more markets in order to sell adequate amounts of produce.

Read more about San Mateo’s crops here.


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