Merced County to Help Hundreds of AT&T Workers Preparing for Layoffs

After the news has spread of hundreds of AT&T employees who will be laid off next month, county and state officials have sprung into action, offering workshops and other services to help the transitioning employees.

AT&T is planning on letting go 397 employees on August 26, proving to be one of the largest private sector layoffs in Merced County’s history. The layoffs will be primarily from the closing of two AT&T call centers. Though the company estimated 397 employees would be losing their jobs, Merced County officials recently announced the layoffs would actually be 441. The reason for the county’s larger number is unclear.

Staff for State Sen. Anthony Cannella, R-Ceres, Merced County Department of Workforce Investment, and state Employment Development Department workers all banded together to provide information and resources to approximately 80 employees in a workshop on Monday. Similar workshops are being planned throughout the weeks leading up the layoff date.

However, trouble arose when representatives of local politicians were asked to leave the premises by AT&T employees. A staff member for Congressman Jim Costa, D-Fresno and Canella’s spokeswoman were told by a security guard they had to leave the property, but the guard was unable to give a reason. A request to speak with an AT&T official was denied.

County and state officials are now examining other opportunities to provide resources to workers in order to help everyone weather these layoffs that officials are predicting will have a devastating impact on the local economy.

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