Lake County’s Valley Fire Finally Reaches Full Containment

100% containment was reported by CalFire early Tuesday evening.

In total, the Valley Fire scorched 76,067 acres and displaced nearly one-third of the county’s population.

CalFire has rated the Valley Fire as the third most destructive fire in state history, behind only the 1991 Oakland Hills fire and the 2003 Cedar fire. The fire also tied for the sixth deadliest.

The fire ignited on September 12 and had burned 50,000 acres in the first 24 hours, prompting it to be labeled a ‘Megafire.’

Governor Brown described megafires and gave context to how the Valley Fire became one in his letter to President Obama asking for federal aid for fire victims. He wrote, “Megafires expand quickly and unpredictably, thriving on dead trees, dry vegetation, and wind conditions. Winds propel burning embers far ahead of the existing fire, accelerating fire growth at a pace that is very difficult to control. Four years of extreme drought conditions have parched our landscapes and created millions of dead trees that have increased California's vulnerability to these types of fires.”

There has been an outpouring of support in wake of the fire, including Board of Supervisor resolutions to help protect fire victims as they try to return to normalcy.

Local Congressman Mike Thompson penned an article saying “Lake County will rise again.”

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