Yuba County Water Agency and City of Marysville Clash over Water Rights

The City of Marysville is seeking to gain groundwater sustainability agency status from the state.

While Marysville City Councilman Bill Simmons defended the decision by saying, “We just want to protect our rights, govern our people and make sure their best interests are served.”

The Yuba County Water Agency sent a letter to the Marysville City Attorney describing how "Marysville lacks experience in groundwater planning and management," and that the YCWA "would continue to implement its ongoing and successful groundwater management program within the groundwater basin while Marysville would undertake additional and potentially counter-productive steps it deems advisable ..."

Councilman Simmons disputed the notion of a lack of experience, saying they would rely on California Water Service, which already owns and operates the city’s water system. Simmons also reiterated that the council’s decision reflected a desire for better representation on water matters, "The issue is making sure we have equal representation, that we sit at the table as a voting member and not as an advisory member."

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