Napa County the Latest to Up Their State Capitol Diorama Efforts

County pride is definitely present in California, even though we are all beautiful according to the USDA.

So in case you were unaware, the State Capitol in Sacramento has hallways full of dioramas showcasing the 58 counties that make up the Golden State.

The dioramas appear to be the responsibility of each county and therefore represent a chance to tote what makes a county unique.

Enter Napa County. The current display is nearly a decade old and has a county map as the centerpiece along with pictures from the county in a sort of three-panel display, like a science project that got funding from the county board. Throw in some grape vines and a couple bottles of red and you have got a more-or-less stereotypical Napa County showcase.

But Napa County officials want more! County Library Director Danis Kreimeier wants something representative of all of Napa County, saying “not just the grape growing and wine-making, but our hospitality, our beautiful river, all the wonderful things that make up Napa County.”

Likely adding fuel to this fire is Napa’s diorama neighbor being the “Disneyesque” Orange County display, which was most recently updated in 2013.

Other counties to recently redo their displays include Madera, Marin, San Joaquin, Tuolumne, and Monterey County. Also in the mix is Alameda County with digital photo and video that can be updated remotely.

To answer the bell in what CountyNews hopes will become a real, yet polite, feud in the Capitol, Napa County has put up $10,000 as the budget for the winner of a county contest to design the new display.

Can’t wait to see what Napa comes up with!

More on Napa County and the other county diorama can be found here.

Image Credit: By Oleg Alexandrov (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons