Stanislaus County Mulls Rooster Limits

Officials in Stanislaus County have hatched a plan to combat an epidemic of cock fighting.

Under a proposal discussed by county leaders Monday, residents could soon see limits on the number of roosters they can legally own. The developing ordinance was spurred by a rise in cock fighting, which is already banned under California law.

The county has received 57 reports of rooster fights in the past five years, according to Planning and Community Development Director Angela Freitas. Earlier this year, authorities found 200 birds—most of them dead or injured—during a massive raid on a cock fighting ring in Modesto.

A similar ordinance is already in place in San Diego. For half-acre parcels, residents are limited to just one rooster. For properties larger than 5 acres, the number is capped at 20.

Cock fighting is an ancient blood sport that can pose a significant problem for communities. In addition to the animal cruelty aspect, the sport often goes hand-in-hand with other crimes such as illegal gambling, drug use or distribution and gang activities.

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