Driving on California Roads? It’ll Cost You.

Raggedy and congested roads really do a number on Californians’ cars each year. Thanks to national transportation research group TRIP, we now know just how high that number is.

According to the group, California motorists fork out $53.6 billion annually on deficient roads and an inadequate transportation system. That figure represents operating costs, crash-related spending and money lost sitting in traffic.


The group also broke the numbers down by region just in case you care for a more pinpointed form of displeasure. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana drivers have it worst, getting hit to the tune of $2,826 each year. Next up is San Francisco-Oakland, where the costs reach up to $2,824 annually. San Jose drivers spend $2,471 and Sacramento drivers spent $2,270. The San Diego region loses the least amount at $1,858.

TRIP found that 37 percent of the state’s roads are in poor condition. Just 21 percent are considered good. Fatal traffic accidents also remain a problem for the state.

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