Feeling Berned: Solano County Cities Say Bernie Sanders Owes Them $82k

Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders talks a lot about the wealthy paying their fair share. But when it comes to his own campaign, he’s having trouble putting his money where his mouth is.

Right now, Sanders’ campaign owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to dozens of municipalities and law enforcement agencies that dedicated massive resources to ensuring security at his rallies in 2016. The biggest chunk, $82,264.86, is owed to Solano County—specifically, its sheriff’s department, various city administrations, police departments, and fire officials.

Sanders’ campaign isn’t the only one stiffing local governments. It’s just the only one admitting it owes anything in the first place.

"The Trump campaign — despite receiving demand letters and collection notices — doesn't acknowledge in federal campaign financial disclosures that it owes cities a cent," according to a recent report. "Nor does the Clinton campaign, which hasn't paid at least $25,000 in bills. The Sanders campaign, in contrast, says in federal campaign filings that it owes $449,409, spread among nearly two dozen municipalities and law enforcement agencies."

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