Orange County is Freaking Out Over Sharks

Ok, they’re actually asking whether they should be freaking out. Which is basically a form of freaking out, is it not?

I’m glad you follow.

All jabs aside, these fears were prompted by a harrowing incident that occurred last Saturday when a young mother was attacked while swimming at San Onofre State Beach. She remains in critical condition. A GoFund me page has been set up here.  

And that’s not all. On Memorial Day, another woman was almost killed when a great white charged her off the coast of Corona del Mar.

The two attacks, within 11 months, are the first on record in Orange County, a place where for decades shark sightings were rare and usually confined to juveniles.

But the bites are following a pattern. For the past two-plus years, great whites have been spotted in unusual numbers, and during unexpected times of the year, up and down the coast from Malibu to south of San Clemente.

People at Dana Point’s Doheny Beach have also spotted sharks in the water, yet the swimmers continue to swim. Now some experts are wondering whether shark attacks will become the norm for the SoCal beachgoers.

Where’s Richard Dreyfus when you need him?


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