L.A. County Fights Reopening of Aliso Canyon

Los Angeles County has filed a lawsuit against SoCal gas and state regulators aimed at blocking the reopening of a natural gas facility that caused the largest leak of methane in U.S. history in 2015. The county says proper safety and environmental studies have not been conducted at the Aliso Canyon gas facility and it’s demanding the release of all public documents relating to a safety review before the plan goes forward.

“The reopening of the facility is highly troubling and irresponsible,” the county states in its complaint. “This is a regulator rushing to approve reopening without completing necessary investigations and risking public health.”

On Monday, Los Angeles is expected to file a temporary restraining order.

The state Department of Conservation and the Public Utilities Commission have not commented on the latest legal challenge but, in a news release issued last week, they insisted that the decision to reopen Aliso Canyon was made after thorough inspections of the site and a careful analysis of public safety risks.

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Monday, May 21, 2018 - 06:03

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