Here’s How Much Each City and County Will Owe CalPERS

We all know cities and counties across California are staring down higher pension costs. But exactly how much will they pay? A new report from the California Policy Center lays out the figures using data straight from the California Public Employees Retirement System.

The CPC teamed up with researchers from the Reason Foundation to aggregate the information. They offer figures for every agency client of CalPERS, including 427 cities and 36 counties, plus a table showing current and future payments to CalPERS by the 20 cities with the highest pension burdens.

The researchers also made important distinctions between normal and so-called “catch up” costs for plans that are underfunded.

As CPC notes, because the data comes from the notoriously optimistic CalPERS, the information presented represents a best case scenario.

Here are the 10 cities with the highest pension burdens, according to the report:

1. Millbrae

2. Emeryville

3. Santa Fe Springs

4. Pacific Grove

5. Santa Ana

6. Costa Mesa

7. Bell

8. West Covina

9. Vallejo

10. El Cajon

Read the full report here

This list was compiled by the Calfornia Policy Center using figures from the California Public Employees Retirement System. 



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