Recall Threats Mounting After Calaveras Pot Ban

A pair of Calaveras County supervisors were served with recall notices Tuesday at the hands of two groups led by marijuana cultivators. The petitions to have them removed from office follow a controversial vote to ban marijuana operations in a town where cannabis has been thriving for two years.

Supervisors Dennis Mills, District 4, and Gary Tofanelli, District 1, are the subjects of the recall. They were among three supervisors who voted to enact the cannabis ban on Jan. 10. The notices were delivered by two separate groups led by licensed growers Jeremy Maddux and Joan Wilson after they gathered the required number of signatures.

Maddux called Mills a “divisive” figure and accused him of violating the Ralph M. Brown Act.

Leafly is also covering developments in Calaveras which has become “ground zero for chaos” according to one government affairs expert.

This isn’t the first time Calaveras’ pot problems have prompted a recall petition. Supervisor Jack Garamendi of District 2 is facing a recall campaign because of his support of the cannabis industry in Calaveras.

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