San Luis Obispo to Consider New Code of Conduct After Supervisor Tells a Constituent to “F*** Off”

San Luis Obispo County supervisors have directed staff to draft a code of conduct in the wake of profane comments made by one of their colleagues.

Mark Burnes, a resident of Pismo Beach, says Supervisor Adam Hill recently sent him a private Facebook message telling him to “f*** off” in response to a letter to the editor Burnes submitted to the Tribune.

“All talk, no balls,” Hill’s message concluded.

In response, Burnes urged the board to censure or remove Hill. You can watch Burnes recount the incident before the board here.

“I wish Adam would stay within that professionalism and refrain from the mean-spiritedness, and build bridges as opposed to burning them down,” said Burnes, who claims he twice voted for Hill for county supervisor. “He has that ability if he would only choose to use it.”

This is not the first time Hill’s behavior has elicited discussion, and Burnes says he is hearing from other constituents with similar stories. Meanwhile, the Tribune’s editorial board is now calling on Hill to “get help or resign.” 

Hill was not present at the meeting when the board voted to draft a guide for supervisors’ comportment with the public. He called it a “superficial” act to “distract from what really matters.” Hill notes that he did issue an apology to Burnes, but still takes issue with the letter he sent to the Tribune.



Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 04:21

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