SLO Supervisor Adam Hill Will Step Back to Focus on Health

A San Luis Obispo County supervisor who has been at the center of controversy lately says he is suffering from depression and will take some time to focus on his health.

Adam Hill was not present at the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday. As the San Luis Obispo Tribune notes, this is the second consecutive meeting he has missed.

Hill opened up about his struggles with depression in an email to the Tribune.

“I’ll be taking some time to reflect on repairing my relationships with people I love and associate with,” he said. “I need to be more effective in accepting and responding to all our human faults, mine most especially.”

That email came just days after the Board of Supervisors asked county staff to draft a new code of conduct in response to Hill’s recent behavior. Constituent Mark Burnes says Hill sent him a private message telling him to “f*** off” in response to a letter to the editor he submitted to the Tribune. Hill called the board’s move a distraction.