Candidate for OCDA Allegedly Threatened to Decapitate Another Lawyer

Every once in a while, we get a story so bizarre, we have to do a double take. This is definitely one of those stories.

A Democratic candidate for Orange County District Attorney, Lenore Albert-Sheridan, has been suspended by the California State Bar since February, raising questions and a court challenge about whether she can appear on the June 5 primary election ballot.

Attorney Greg Diamond, on behalf of Anaheim resident Mark Daniels, filed a petition in Superior Court March 19 calling for Albert-Sheridan to be removed from the ballot, because when she finalized paperwork to run for office she already had been suspended. Diamond also is backing Brett Murdock, the other Democrat running for DA in the June primary election.

That’s not the weird part. The jaw-dropper comes about 20 paragraphs into this article from the Voice of OC when we learn that Albert-Sheridan allegedly threatened to cut off someone’s head.

On June 4, 2007, Albert-Sheridan wrote a letter to James Grafton Randall, then an attorney at Farmers Insurance, in which she accused Randall of bad faith conduct and failure to respond to several discovery requests.

At the end of the letter, Albert-Sheridan said if Randall doesn’t respond to the discovery requests, she will request “that the court compel such response with heavy sanctions and have you each decapitated and force your children to take your decapitated head to school as part of show and tell.”

Asked about that portion of the letter, Albert-Sheridan says she’s “pretty sure” she didn’t write it, adding that it’s “not my style.”

Albert-Sheridan was suspended on Feb. 14 for a period of 30 days, so she insists the latest disciplinary action should not impact her run for DA. Some are questioning whether she has the temperament for office, however.

Albert-Sheridan does appear to have a history of comportment issues. She was the subject of at least 4 complaints in 2014, according to Voice of OC.

Ironically, one of Albert-Sheridan’s clients is former county employee Christine Richters who is suing Supervisor Todd Sptizer for defamation. Spitzer is also running for County DA.