California Counties Join Opioid Fight

Twenty-nine California counties are suing the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies for their role in creating a nationwide epidemic of opioid abuse.

The lawsuit was announced Tuesday by the law firm Baron & Bud which is representing the consortium of counties. It says it has uncovered evidence that manufacturers deliberately misled doctors about their products’ addictiveness. The lawsuit is also blaming some of the nation’s largest drug distributors for failing to adequately identify and monitor the products.

“[The counties] are hoping to prevent future epidemic consequences such as addiction and death,” said attorney John Fiske. “And they’re also hoping to recover taxpayer dollars in order to replenish the coffers.”

California saw an estimated 2,000 deaths related to opioids last year. Together, the consortium of counties represents some 10.5 million residents.

A separate lawsuit has been filed by the City of Los Angeles. Humboldt County is also considering separate legal action.

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