Orange County Loses Fight to Halt Release of "Evil Twin"

It sounds like a horror movie plot. But for Sunny Han, the horror was all too real.

In 1996, Sunny’s identical twin sister Jeen Han hatched a scheme to have her murdered. Jeen enlisted the help of two men who bound and gagged Sunny and her roommate in their Irvine apartment. The two girls were saved at the last minute when police responded to a 911 call and burst through the door.

Jeen and her accomplices were tried and convicted in 1998. Jeen was sentenced to 26 years to life behind bars.

Prosecutors have described Jeen Han as a callous and cunning psychopath who manipulates people around her to carry out the most wicked of deeds. So when the state’s parole board recommended her release last year, county prosecutors did everything they could to fight back.

They lost.

Last week, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced that the governor’s office had granted Jeen Han’s parole, despite the county’s lobbying efforts. She was released from prison on May 24, 2018.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckus addressed Han’s release in a series of tweets Thursday:


Jeen “Gina” Han was released from prison on parole last month after Board of Parole granted parole at her hearing in Oct 2017. Han was convicted of conspiring to murder her twin sister in 1998 & sentenced to 26yrs to life in prison. Media advisory here:
— Tony Rackauckas (@OCDATony) June 21, 2018


"Jeen ‘Gina’ Han is a manipulative and dangerous individual who hatched an elaborate plan to have her own twin sister murdered. She is a career criminal with a long rap sheet of offenses including second degree burglary, grand theft, check forgery, receiving stolen property...
— Tony Rackauckas (@OCDATony) June 21, 2018


and more. Han has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder with antisocial traits, a condition she has chosen not to address or seek treatment for. She poses a serious public safety risk, which is why my office urged the Parole Board to reconsider...
— Tony Rackauckas (@OCDATony) June 21, 2018


... It is disappointing the OCDA’s request to keep her in prison was denied.” - District Attorney Tony Rackauckas
— Tony Rackauckas (@OCDATony) June 21, 2018




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