Nearly 20% of California’s Cannabis Products Are Failing State Testing. Are the Standards Too High?

Just two months have passed since California began enforcing new testing and safety standards on commercial cannabis. But already the industry is beginning to question whether the standards are too excessive.

The questions come amid revelations that some 20% of products are failing state testing. Often, the failure is caused by something relatively innocuous such as improper labeling, but still results in destruction of the product.

The California Growers Association is among those voicing concerns. It says the THC targets in particular are too difficult to meet. The California Manufacturers Association wants more accountability for lab testing mistakes, claiming lab results are considered sacrosanct even with the lab has admitted to an error.

Bureau of Cannabis Control spokesman Alex Traverso is urging patience.

"Mandatory statewide testing is a new thing and it's going to take some time for everything to run smoothly, but on the whole we're pleased with how things are progressing," he said.

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