Someone Has Been Making Death Threats Against Monterey County Supervisors

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a possible hate crime after two county supervisors received voicemails containing death threats and racial pejoratives.

The recipients of the messages were Monterey County’s two Latino supervisors, Simon Salinas and Luis Alejo. You can hear some edited versions of the calls here

In one message, the caller describes one of the supervisors as a traitor who should be “put up against a wall and shot.” The caller was specifically complaining about Salinas and Alejo’s support for a proposal that would extend voting rights in the county those aged 16 and up. According to the caller, that plan is a ruse aimed at allowing Mexicans to “take over.”

The suspect was easily identified because he left his name and phone number on the voicemail messages. Sheriff’s officials interviewed him Monday. They have confirmed that he has a criminal history but said he is not currently in custody for the threats.