Calaveras Will Issue Nearly $1 Million to Disillusioned Pot Growers

Hundreds of cannabis farmers hit by a bait-and-switch in Calaveras County will receive almost $1 million in refunds.

More than 700 cultivators previously paid fees and taxes to the county in the hopes of cashing in on the green rush. But those hopes were dashed last year when the Board of Supervisors reversed course and approved a ban on commercial pot. $940,000 in refunds will now be divvied up among them following a 4-1 vote by the Board.

The refunded dollars are still a drop in the bucket compared to what was initially paid. Calaveras’ growers doled out $3 million in application fees and another $10 million in taxes to the county program, Capitol Public Radio reports. 



Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 20:21

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