Immigration Activists Demand San Diego County Help Migrants

A group of immigrant advocates are pointing the finger at San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors for what they say is abusive and inhumane treatment of migrant children seeking asylum in the United States.

Members of the Immigration Justice League gathered outside the county’s Administration Building earlier this week to demand greater accountability for the treatment of asylum-seeking migrant children, some of whom are being held by ICE or now living on the streets in San Diego.

“The Board of Supervisors is responsible for allowing this humanitarian crisis to continue unchecked,” said Rev. Beth Johnson (KPBS). “This is holding the county accountable in their role as being caregivers, caretakers for the children in San Diego County.”

A statement from the IJL also claims ICE is “dumping” migrants off on San Diego streets.

For the last few months, ICE has been dumping by the hundreds those released while awaiting hearings into the streets of San Diego and surrounding communities, with no food, and no directions as to where to go for help. It is the local charitable community and hundreds of volunteers that continue to do all they can to find these scared, cold, and in many cases sick detainees, provide them shelter, food, showers, clean clothing, needed medications, and means of transportation to relatives and friends that live in the U.S.

The advocates are still angry with the county for supporting the Trump administration’s sanctuary lawsuit. They now want county leaders to declare a state of emergency over the migrant crisis. They also plan to file child abuse charges against the Board and its chair Kristin Gaspar.

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