Stanislaus Supervisor-Elect Skips Swearing-In, Raising Health Concerns

A newly elected Stanislaus County supervisor did not show up for his swearing-in ceremony Monday, amplifying concerns about his health.

Tom Berryhill, a former state senator who served 12 years in the state Legislature, was elected to the District 4 seat in November. His win came in spite some of health issues including a broken hip and an early stage Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis which he disclosed in August.

It isn’t clear if one or either of those ailments is what prevented him from attending Monday’s ceremony.

The Modesto Bee reports:

County Chief Executive Officer Jody Hayes said he was informed before the 4 p.m. ceremony that Berryhill was unable to attend. Hayes told the overflow audience in the board chambers that Berryhill will be sworn-in separately at a future time.

Hayes said later he was only informed Berryhill would not participate in the ceremony and did not have an explanation for his absence. The CEO had no further comment. County leaders said all they knew was that a call was made to the CEO’s office about an hour before the ceremony.

The publication said it was unable reach Berryhill for comment, but at least one official expressed serious concerns about his absence.

“I hope he is able to do the job,” former Board Chairman Jim DeMartini told the Bee. “I am starting to wonder. I have known him for a long time. He is a capable man, but I’m not sure his health is so good.”