Del Norte Weighs Options for Expanding Commercial Pot

Del Norte County is gearing up for an expansion of commercial cannabis.

The Del Norte Triplicate reports that three options are currently on the table. Right now, sales and manufacturing are only permitted in the Cannabis Combining District, from the Oregon border to the Smith River and to the Smith River Recreation Area.

Under one option, dispensaries could also go up the Smith River area.

Option 2 would add a zone south of Crescent City near the harbor, and would require businesses to move into existing buildings and receive approval by the California Coastal Commission. Option 3 would be a combination of the first two - and option 4 would be to do nothing, [Deputy County Counsel Joel Campbell-Blair] said.

Supervisors weighed in with their thoughts and concerns on the options on Oct. 22. They ranged from coastal concerns to signage.

County staff will be developing an ordinance to present to the Del Norte County Planning Commission.



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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