Marin County to Recognize Probationers Living Upstanding Lives

Marin County will honor a dozen people who turned things around after incarceration and have lived their lives as honorable and productive members of society. Their names and faces will be added to the Probation Department's Wall of Change at a special ceremony at the county Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday, according to Bay City News Service

“Almost everyone on the Wall of Change has hit the bottom of the bottom and came back up," said Chief Probation Officer Michael Daly.

“We have this Wall of Change ceremony so they feel the support of the community. A lot of times, that might be the first real public support and encouragement they have felt in their whole lives.

"We also do it to inspire the people who are new to probation, so they know the support system from this community event is there for them to succeed," Daly added.

Marin has been honoring its successful probationers for several years.