San Mateo County Approves Grant for Early Education Training

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors has approved a $50,000 grant for early childhood education training. The grant comes from Measure K funds and will support the Community Equity Collaborative (CEC), which provides free early ed classes to students and caregivers in San Mateo through its Teacher Pipeline Project.

San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Pine said the shortage of qualified early childhood educators has created a void in childcare.

“Improving the pipeline of teachers coupled with efforts to develop new childcare facilities through our Build Up initiative are critical to meeting the demand for childcare and early learning programs,” the supervisor said.

“Early childhood teachers’ demographics and needs often mirror those of low-income families,” said Dayna Chung, Co-Founder and Executive Director of CEC, as quoted by Patch. “According to UC Berkeley’s Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, roughly 47% of California's child care workers participate in one or more income support programs and face the same housing and other challenges as other low-wage workers. Investing in the human infrastructure of our high-quality early learning programs through the Teacher Pipeline Project not only creates pathways into teaching careers, it has multi-generational benefits for families who ultimately gain greater access to these programs."

CEC hopes to expand its reach in 2020.



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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