NorCal Weed Growers Pursue ‘Appellations of Origin’

It’s common to see pot companies using the famous Humboldt or Mendocino regions to market their brands, but it's often little more than an advertising gig. Now cannabis cultivators in the Emerald Triangle are hoping to verify their products with state-approved appellations of origin like those used by wine makers.

One of the companies pursuing this verification is Moon Made farms, Weedmaps News’ Ocean Malandra reports. The company is getting help from an organization that represents small weed farms.

“We are pushing for an AOC model that many people are familiar with in Europe,” Kristin Nevedal, the executive director of the International Cannabis Farmer's Alliance (ICFA), told Malandra. “In countries such as France and Switzerland, appellation designations are used to ensure strict adherence to certain growing conditions and cultivation within a specific micro-region, known as terroir.”

The ICFA is working to develop appellations of origin for the Palo Verde region and about a dozen other designations identified five years ago. See the map here