L.A. County Coroner Workers Warned Tissue Harvesting Was Interfering With Death Investigations for Years

In November, County News reported on an impending investigation by L.A. County officials to determine whether death investigations were being hindered or delayed by the quest to preserve organs for donation. Now we know L.A. County Coroner employees say they have — and they've been sounding the alarm for years.

Despite the Los Angeles County coroner’s insistence that harvesting body parts hasn’t harmed investigations, internal documents show that morgue employees have raised concerns for years about procurements of tissues and organs.

In nearly 60 internal complaints, emails and other documents received from anonymous sources by The Times, more than 20 pathologists, investigators and other coroner employees detailed how procurement had interfered with their work, including in the department’s duty of determining the cause of death. — Los Angeles Times

The documents include autopsies that detail the loss of critical physical evidence to tissue procurement company OneLegacy.

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