Is this ballot proposal on term limits meant to fool OC voters?

Orange County supervisors have renewed a push to extend their term limits. But this time, critics say they’re using misleading ballot language to accomplish their goal.

The proposal describes the measure as a “lifetime ban after three terms.” But what it actually does — first and foremost — is remove the limits that are currently in place.

Right now, Orange County supervisors are restricted to two consecutive 4-year terms. After a “cooling off” period, they can run again for up to eight additional years.

Under the ballot proposal, the consecutive term limits would be removed and a supervisor could serve 12 years consecutively. That means a supervisor like Lisa Bartlett, who is termed out next year, could run again in 2022.

“The measure looks to take advantage of the voters’ support of term limits, by making it sound like it’s this great lifetime ban – when the reality is it’s a sneaky maneuver by sneaky politicians to get out from under the current term limits,” former California Republican Party Executive Director Jon Fleischman told Voice of OC.

Supervisors will vote Tuesday on whether to place the measure on the ballot for the upcoming special gubernatorial recall election.

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