Judge Dismisses Civil Rights Violation Complaint Against Former Los Angeles DA

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Theresa M. Traber has dismissed allegations of civil rights violations filed by a group of Black Lives Matter activists against former LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey and her husband.

The complaint stemmed from a 2020 incident outside the Lacey home where activists had gathered to protest Lacey’s decision not to prosecute some law enforcement officers. David Lacey opened the door and pointed a gun. He told the demonstrators he’d shoot if they did not get off his porch. The following day, Jackie Lacey was forced into a runoff election with George Gascón — a race she would eventually lose.

In her ruling, Judge Traber said the plaintiffs “have not cited any authority for the proposition that their free-speech rights are protected as against private homeowners when located at their private residence.”

The judge dismissed another claim against Jackie Lacey for assault, but allowed a claim of false imprisonment to remain for the time being. The case will still proceed on other causes of action and is headed for a jury trial.