Judge Blocks Water Truck Delivery Restrictions in Siskiyou

A U.S. district judge has issued a temporary injunction halting Siskiyou County’s ban on water delivery trucks to cannabis farmers in the largely Hmong community of Shasta Vista.

Siskiyou passed the new rules earlier this year in an attempt to crack down on illegal marijuana grows. The cultivation sites have dried up local wells, contaminated the local environment, and attracted crime, authorities say.

U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller agreed that the farms have become a problem. However, she said the ban on unpermitted well water sales and truck deliveries hinders the farmers’ ability to meet their basic needs and increases the risk of wildfire. Furthermore, the Hmong farmers have made a compelling case that “the ordinances are motivated by racial animus.”

The injunction takes effect immediately pending the outcome of a federal court case.

Read more at the Sacramento Bee.


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