47 Alameda Sheriff’s Deputies Failed Their Pre-Employment Psych Exams

Dozens of Alameda County sheriff’s deputies have been reassigned to desk duty after it was revealed they failed their pre-hiring psychological exams, dating back to 2016.

The 47 deputies represent about 5% of the workforce, according to KTVU. Over half of them worked at the county jail.

Department hiring records were reviewed after Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy Devin Williams Jr. allegedly killed two people in their Dublin home. Sources told KTVU Williams had failed his psychological exam. Sources also told KTVU the tests were used by Sheriff Gregory Ahern to hire family and friends and to deny employment to those he didn’t like.

Lt. Ray Kelly said the fact that so many law enforcement officers failed their evaluations is “not as bad as it sounds." The exam is used in part to determine whether the candidate can handle the grisly things they see on the job, not necessarily to see if there’s something wrong with them, he explained. Nevertheless, any cases these deputies worked on could now be scrutinized.

In a letter, Sheriff Ahern said he plans to have the officers re-tested so that they can return to full-duty as soon as they receive a “suitable” result. Those tests are expected to occur within the next couple of months.



Monday, November 21, 2022 - 06:07

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