February Jobs Snapshot: Counties With the Highest and Lowest Unemployment

California’s unemployment rate rose to 4.3% in February, according to data released by the California Employment Development Department (EDD). The tenth of a percentage point increase came despite the addition of 32,300 nonfarm payroll jobs.

There were 311,000 jobs added nationally in February. California accounted for 10.4% of the nation’s non-farm job gains. The leading sectors for jobs gains were education and health services.

Below is a county snapshot for unemployment rates in California.

Five Counties With the Lowest Unemployment Rates

  1. San Francisco (2.9%)

  2. San Mateo (2.8%)

  3. Santa Clara and Marin (3.1%)

  4. San Luis Obispo and Orange (3.4%)

  5. Sonoma (3.6%)

Five Counties With the Highest Unemployment Rates 

  1. Colusa (18.3%)

  2. Imperial (15.6%)

  3. Plumas (10.8%)

  4. Tulare (10.6%)

  5. Merced (10.5%)

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