San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Still Reeling From Cyberattack

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department says a recent cyber attack has not jeopardized public safety, but it will still take time to get SBCSD systems back online.

The attack occurred two weeks ago when an employee from the department likely clicked on a bad hyperlink. Hackers then encrypted department systems, forcing a system shut-down.

Officials have recovered the data. However, internet, email, and vehicle computers have been disrupted. Deputies must call dispatch to run license plates or get suspect information.

"Public safety operations have not been affected," the department said in a statement. "Deputies are able to run backgrounds on people and are still getting dispatched to calls. The county is conducting a forensics investigation to achieve a complete understanding of any impact to our operations before we fully use the system."  

It is not clear whether SBCSD paid a ransom.