Industry Leading Jury Management System: Better Connecting Courts & Their Citizens

From Avenu Insights & Analytics

Jury management is a vital component of the legal system, but outdated court systems often create inefficiencies resulting in lower juror turnouts and delayed processes. Fortunately, local governments are beginning to adopt new technologies to modernize their jury processes. In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards digital transformation in the court system, with innovative solutions emerging to simplify the management of jurors, improve communication, and streamline the entire process. Avenu | Jury is one such innovative solution that is paving the way for the digitization of the court system.


Avenu | Jury simplifies case creation, randomizes panel selection, and provides mobile functionality, making it easier to manage jury pools. Self-service kiosks allow jurors to check-in, enter information, produce payments, and print proof of attendance. Additionally, contactless check-in ensures the safety and well-being of jurors, staff, and the public, as well as, cut down long lines and wait times. The solution’s accounting software automatically calculates all juror payments and expenses by configuring custom rules specific to each jurisdiction.

One of the most significant benefits of Avenu | Jury is the increased accessibility for citizens that traditional methods cannot match. It can enable government employees and citizens alike to access every legal document or piece of information they need from the same online portal. This can significantly reduce the need for physical visits to the court and provide more accessible services for people with disabilities.

Avenu | Jury is a comprehensive solution that Integrates with third-party applications including print and mail services, integrated voice response, jury display systems, juror payment cards, functional and technical training and consulting, software installation, data conversion and data merge, maintenance, and support, provides a comprehensive solution for jury management. The solution’s simplified architecture is ideal for on-premise clients, allowing them to easily integrate the solution into their existing infrastructure.


Digitizing the court system has the potential to revolutionize the entire court system, not just jury management. With the right digital technology, we can transform the court system into something just as efficient, streamlined, and empowering as mobile banking or online travel booking. The future of jury management is undoubtedly digital, and it will create a more efficient, accessible, and representative legal system for all citizens.

Digital transformation can also lead to better efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in the court system. It can improve record-keeping, case management, and evidence presentation. Moreover, digitization can significantly reduce the likelihood of misplaced or lost files and reduce the time taken to process cases.

In conclusion, digital transformation in the court system is critical to creating a more efficient, accessible, and representative legal system for all citizens. Innovative solutions like Avenu | Jury have shown the potential of digital transformation in jury management, but there is still much more that can be achieved with the right technology. It is time for local governments to recognize the need for digital transformation in their jury processes and take necessary actions to implement the solutions that best serve their citizens. This shift can not only improve jury management but also lead to better accessibility, efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in the entire court system.