Sacramento Supervisors Just Gave Themselves a 36% Raise

In a 4-1 vote last week, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted to increase its own pay by 36%. The increase will take effect June 4.

Sacramento supervisors currently earn around $127,159 a year, or 55% of a superior court judge’s salary. That figure will jump to $173,398 as salaries hit 75% of a superior court judge’s salary next month.  

The county executive's office hired a consultant last year to examine supervisor salaries in comparable counties across the state. Sacramento supervisors' pay was found to be nearly 29% lower than the median, so the executive's office recommended an increase. 

In addition to the salary bumps, supervisors will also receive increases in their car allowances.

Sue Frost was the only board member who voted against the increase. 

“There's part of me that wants to support this item," Frost said. "But I'm just not going to be able to because I think given the fact that many of my constituents are suffering from increased inflation and increase prices, it's difficult to give myself a raise at the same time others are suffering."