For the First Time, Pride Flags Raised Above L.A. County Buildings

Los Angeles County marked the start of Pride Month with a remarkable milestone. For the first time, a pride flag flew over an L.A. county building Thursday, as the Progress Pride Flag was raised over the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration. 

During the entire month of June, the Progress Pride Flag will fly at L.A. County facilities where the American and California flags are displayed.  

In addition to the rainbow and trans colors, the design has black and brown stripes to represent marginalized and diverse communities of color, those with HIV/AIDS, and people who have died from the disease. The new colors are arranged in a chevron shape, symbolizing the need for forward movement. 

The resolution directing the county's Internal Services Department to raise the Progress Pride Flag at county facilities was authored by supervisors Janice Hahn and Lindsey Horvath. It was approved by the board in March.

Hahn and Horvath cited an increase in anti-LGBT and anti-trans bills across the country, including a ban on the pride flag at city buildings in Huntington Beach.