Former Napa CEO Minh Tran Loses His Severance

Former Napa County CEO Minh Tran won’t get the generous severance he was promised when he was dismissed in July 2022.

The severance – which could have topped $467,000, according to the Napa Valley Register – was denied by the Board of Supervisors following a closed-session meeting Tuesday.  

The board says it learned that Tran had already accepted a job as Riverside County Counsel at the time of his dismissal. Tran’s contract specified that he was eligible for severance only if he was “willing and able” to perform the duties of CEO.

In a statement, the board said Tran had “failed to disclose his acceptance of a job in another county.”

"Open and transparent communication is crucial in any professional setting, especially when it pertains to important decisions such as employment status,” the board added.

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