Humboldt Leaders Considering Limits on Cannabis Cultivation

Humboldt County supervisors will consider changes to the Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance amid concerns that the county has been too permissive toward large-scale growers. 

On Nov. 7, the board began discussing possible permit caps and limiting grows to one acre or less. They could also place a moratorium on cultivation permits.

Supervisors were pushed into these considerations by an upcoming ballot initiative, Measure A, that would place even stricter limitations on commercial cannabis. Staff has recommended placing a competing measure on the ballot that would address some of the concerns about grows without going as far as Measure A.

Staff has suggested a 60% reduction in permits and a 60% cut in permit and acreage caps in each county watershed, the Local Outpost reports.

The maximum for cultivation permits would drop from 3,500 to 1,400 as opposed to Measure A, which would cap them at around 1,200.

Measure A backers clearly believe the county measure would be a threat. They have called it “a deceptive attempt to undermine and defeat Measure A.”

The board must act quickly if it wishes to get a measure on the March ballot. Draft language would need to be submitted to the County Elections Office no later than December 9.