L.A. Registrar Receives Threatening Letter with Fentanyl

Last week, the Los Angeles County Registrar became the latest elections office to receive powdered Fentanyl through the U.S. mail. The bizarre threat campaign has affected elections offices in five different states. According to CBS, over a dozen letters containing fentanyl were sent to offices in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Georgia. One letter said, "end elections now."  

Authorities have not identified the sender, but they say the letters originated in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the letters were intercepted by the FBI and U.S. Mail officials before reaching their destinations. 

“While this incident is concerning and such activity is a threat to a free and fair elections process, our established protocols facilitated a quick and effective response,” the Los Angeles County Registrar said in a statement.

To be clear, Fentanyl poses little threat to a person unless it is directly inhaled or ingested. Despite widespread misinformation, experts say overdoses cannot occur from being in close proximity to the drug or by touching it.