Report: OC Supervisor Funneled County Funds to Daughter’s Nonprofits

An investigation by LAist has revealed that Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do helped funnel millions in taxpayer dollars to two non-profits led by his daughter Rhiannon. At no time did Do publicly disclose his personal connection to the organizations, one of which is delinquent and has been prohibited by the attorney general from soliciting or distributing funds.

The two organizations are the Viet America Society and Warner Wellness, which is a DBA of the aforementioned group. Do helped secure a $4.2 million county contract to Viet America and later voted to direct $3.1 million in county funds to Warner Wellness. As LAist reports, those votes “happened with no public mention that [Do’s] daughter was working as Warner Wellness’ president.” 

Do once boasted that he was largely responsible for Viet America receiving county funds. The money continued flowing even after Viet America was deemed to be “not in good standing” by the state attorney general and barred from soliciting or spending donations.

According to LAist, a group of concerned community leaders who were aware of the connection between Do and the organizations contacted Connie Chung Joe, who leads a prominent Asian-American civil rights group in Orange County. She called the FBI. Authorities would neither confirm nor deny that Do is currently under federal investigation. 

If Do gets nailed for this, it wouldn’t be the first time. Last year, the powerful OC politician was fined 12,000 by the Fair Political Practices Commission for violating pay-to-play restrictions in 2016 and 2017. According to the FPPC, Do used his official position to influence contracting decisions in favor of a donor to his supervisor campaign.