Rural Crime Targets Valley Farmers

Much has been said about the scourge of property crime in big cities. But rural California isn’t immune from organized theft. In fact, the remoteness of some Central Valley farms appears to be making them a prime target.

Tractors, forklifts, livestock — even bees — have recently been stolen from farms in Fresno, Merced, San Joaquin, and Tulare.

“Crime is not confined to the cities. It is a growing problem in rural areas. Farmers, ranchers and agribusiness are being hit with thefts of heavy equipment, aluminum pipe, commodities, cattle and expensive farm chemicals,” the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department website states. “Isolated farms and ranches are also targets for vandalism and burglary. Many areas of Fresno County are rural in nature and provide a unique challenge when is come to crime prevention. There are many ways that businesses and citizens in rural areas can actively participate in crime prevention activities.”

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