Actor Sues L.A. County District Attorney for Allegedly Destroying his Career

Few things could be worse than being falsely accused of being a pedophile in the public square. But that’s exactly what happened to actor Joseph Gatt at the hands of the LAPD and L.A. County’s District Attorney, a new lawsuit claims.

In 2022, DA George Gascón announced felony charges against Gatt for allegedly sending explicit messages to an out-of-state minor. But those accusations were false, the Game of Thrones actor claims, and the case was quietly dismissed by the DA’s office for insufficient evidence this year.

According to Gatt’s attorney, subsequent investigations revealed that "the arrest and charges against Mr. Gatt — for which he was branded by the Los Angeles DA and LAPD as a serial pedophile — were based on fabricated evidence.” 

Gatt and his attorney say authorities should have investigated the validity of the evidence before making the high-profile announcement. The lawsuit — which names the county, Gascón, and an LAPD detective — claims Gatt’s acting career and public reputation have been destroyed by the allegations. 

This is not the first time the DA has been accused of prematurely announcing charges in a high profile case. In 2022, Gascón filed charges against the CEO of a small election software company, claiming the company had stored sensitive poll worker data on servers in China. Gascón’s Deputy DA Eric Neff claimed in court that the data breach was one of the largest in American history. As it turned out, the entire case had been ginned up by known 2020 election conspiracy theorists. A month later, all charges against the CEO were dropped and he successfully sued the county for $5 million.