L.A. County Probation Department Places 66 Officers on Leave

Excessive force, sexual abuse, and drug possession. These are some of the accusations made against 66 Los Angeles County probation officers who have been placed on administrative leave since January 1.

Monday’s announcement was made “in the spirit of greater transparency and to assure our stakeholders — especially the families of youths in our juvenile facilities — that we will not tolerate anything that impedes our mission to provide a safe, nurturing and structured environment for those entrusted to our care,” according to Probation Chief Guillermo Viera Rosa.

The suspended officers include members of both adult and juvenile operations, according to the Associated Press. They represent around 2% of the department’s officers.

In addition to supervising adult offenders, the Los Angeles Probation Department oversees the county’s juvenile halls. The facilities have been marked by violence and unsuitable living conditions in recent years. 

According to Rosa, who was hired last year, the situation is improving dramatically. In a presentation Tuesday, Rosa told county supervisors that the department is now in compliance with state standards and eager to work with the board to rehabilitate the system’s youth.