L.A. Voters May Be Asked to Overhaul County Government

Each Los Angeles County supervisor represents around two million people, which is equivalent to a small state like Idaho or Nebraska. That would change under a plan proposed by Supervisors Lindsey Horvath and Janice Hahn. 

Horvath and Hahn want to expand the number of county supervisors from five to nine. Their plan would also establish an independent ethics commission and make the county CEO an elected position.

"Five elected leaders serving 10 million people as both the executive and the legislative branches of government simply makes no sense," said Horvath.

Board Chair Hilda Solis supports the proposal.

"The composition of the Board of Supervisors must reflect the increased diversity of Los Angeles County's population,'' she said. "Moreover, having an elected CEO, including a director of Budget and County Legislative Analyst, will help us identify and address the specific needs of communities more adequately and ensure that we always direct county resources fairly while ensuring greater independence. And, the establishment of an independent Ethics Commission will guarantee the county continues to make decisions with the highest level of integrity and accountability.''

The county charter that established the five-member board was adopted in 1912 when the county’s population was 500,000. Today, Los Angeles County is home to 10 million people.

The change would have to be approved by county voters. Horvath and Hahn are expected to introduce a resolution Tuesday to help get a charter amendment on the November ballot.