Secretary of State Confirms: June Primary Voter Turnout Was Lowest Ever

As final election results come in from the June primary election, officials are confirming what many already suspected: The 2014 June primary had the lowest voter turnout for a statewide election in California history, with only 25.2 percent of registered voters casting their ballot.

On Friday, Secretary of State Debra Bowen certified the primary results, hammering home what has been described as an “embarrassingly low” turnout for the state. Though, perhaps this cloud has something of a silver lining, as Bowen revealed that this election had the highest rate of voting by mail, 69 percent. The 2012 June primary previously held the record with 65 percent of voters mailing in their votes. Perhaps more of an emphasis will be put on mail-in ballots in upcoming primary elections.

As the results are being finalized, recounts are beginning in Kern County and Imperial County to determine the final outcome of the state controller race. Democratic Assemblyman John Perez of Los Angeles was only 481 votes behind Democratic Board of Equalization member Betty Yee in a tight race for second place and a chance at a runoff election later this year.

If any reluctant voter needs an example of just how much a single vote can count in an election, this June’s election can be just such a case. 

Hopefully this is enough of a wakeup call to get voters in the booths in November’s general election.

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