Marijuana-based Democratic Club opens in Alameda County


The first Democratic Party political organization focused primarily on marijuana policy has opened in Alameda County.

The Brownie Mary Democratic Club has been commissioned by the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee to support marijuana-friendly candidates and work toward full legalization of the drug by 2016.

"The Brownie Mary Club will help bridge the cannabis community throughout Alameda County and educate our elected and future elected with cannabis reform issues," Club chairwoman Denise Martellaci said in a statement. 

The group is already working on endorsing candidates and ballot propositions, urging a No vote on Proposition 46 and a Yes vote on Prop. 47, which would reduce many criminal penalties.

Local elected officials are already getting with the program. Among the group’s members are county Democratic chairwoman Robin Torello, Assemblyman Bill Quirk, county committeewoman Ginny DeMartini, and vice-chair Rick Trullinger. 



Monday, August 15, 2022 - 08:43

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