California wolverine appears to be thriving

Before state wildlife officials discovered a wolverine in the Sierras, there had been no confirmed sightings of the animal in the Golden State since 1922.

But seven years later, officials say the little bugger appears to be doing just fine.

AP reports, “the same wolverine is believed to have been last detected in November by a motion-sensing camera in the Tahoe National Forest near Fordyce Lake, which is only some 15 miles southwest of where it was originally seen.”

The male appears healthy with dense fur and ample weight, said Chris Stermer, a biologist with the state Fish and Wildlife commission. The wolverine has staked out a 300-square-mile swath of the Sierra between Interstate 80 and Highway 49 as its territory.

Hikers, you’ve been warned.

But is the wolverine that was sighted recently the same one that wildlife officials saw seven years ago? Stermer says scientists aren’t sure.

“Based on our history it's most likely going to be the same individual, but our hope is it's not," Stermer said. "Our hope is we have a pair here so they can mate ... We're hoping that one animal turns into a population."