California government jobs on the decline

Over the last decade, California has lost more than 260,000 manufacturing jobs  while gaining about the same number in the leisure and hospitality industries.

Turns out, government jobs are also on the decline in the Golden State.Government is one of the economic sectors that has not recovered the jobs lost in the Great Recession. Below is a chart of government employment in California over the last decade.

Now here’s a look at the government sector over the same period in Texas.

With the trends moving in opposite directions, Texas now has a larger share of its workforce in government jobs than California. With a civilian workforce of just over 13 million, about 14.3% of all working Texans have government jobs.

In California, with a civilian workforce of about 18.8 million people, just 12.6% is employed in government.

The charts also are an important reminder that the myths and assumptions we make in politics sometimes just don’t match the facts. Too often, we hear regurgitated conventional wisdom that is not supported by the data.